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Why Direct Primary Care?

If you are like most people, you have an insurance plan with a deductible that you never meet, and so you have to pay out of pocket for many of your medical expenses in addition to the high premiums you already pay. For less than the cost of the average doctor's visit, you can have unlimited, direct access to a physician for as long as you want, anytime you need it. Most people would save hundreds of dollars per year by changing to a less expensive, high-deductible plan for major medical issues and allowing me to provide for their primary care needs.

Please contact me today to see how we can help you experience health care in a totally different way.

How is this different from my current insurance?

The current insurance based model is heavily flawed and creates an incentive to bar your access to medical care. Currently, most people have the following restrictions on their care: 

  • Copay for every visit (Insurance).
  • Monthly payment for coverage (Insurance).
  • Visits only by appointment.
  • Restricted communication.
  • Expensive treatments.
  • Labs, tests, and procedures set by medical industry.

I invite you to consider the possibility that medical care can be personal, affordable, and unhurried. I invite you to consider the possibility that you could have an ongoing relationship with your doctor that drives your entire medical experience.

What benefits come with membership?

For one flat fee, you can have world-class, compassionate, convenient health care on your terms, when you need it. Members of my health care service have the following benefits:

  • Immediate access to my services at any time in person, by phone, or through text or email.
  • Responses and appointments within 24 hours (in progress).
  • As many visits as needed and advice directly from me when you need it.
  • Your appointment does not end until we both decide it's over.
  • No copay or fees for office visits.
  • Reduced costs on outside treatments and medical tests.
  • Transparent and affordable pricing.
  • Minimal to no wait time at every office visit​.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining me for a new way of experiencing health care. 

Do I have to be a member to come see you?

I welcome anyone who wants to experience medical care the way it's supposed to be. There is a consultation fee for non-members, but if you decide that you like the treatment you received and want to continue to be a part of my service, I will be happy to roll your consultation fee into your first month's subscription.

Are you really available at any time?

Ideally, yes. Of course, I'm only human and can’t guarantee 100 percent availability. That said, a reasonable expectation for availability would be that I would return your call within a couple of hours during the day-time, be available for urgent calls at night, and respond by the next business day for emails/texts.

Do you do house calls?

Yes. I am glad to come to your home should you have trouble getting to the office. The cost of a home visit is an additional $35 to cover transportation and additional transit time.

Do I still need insurance?

The short answer is yes. Membership covers office visits, in-office procedures, and basic point-of-care testing, I don't have the capability to offer on-site laboratory testing or imaging, but these will be outsourced to local community providers. For these I recommend either a health sharing ministry like MediShare or Liberty Health, or a high-deductible "major medical" insurance plan for hospitalizations and serious illness.

With the savings you have compared to the average cost of health insurance, you can create a Health Savings Account to lower your pre-tax income liability and reclaim your ability to direct your health care as you see fit, not as dictated to you by an actuary.

Of course, I'm glad to enroll patients who do not have insurance and help them negotiate cash prices for services not covered, but I still advise you get at least a catastrophic plan to cover un-anticipated costly medical services.

What happens if I have to be admitted to the hospital?

If you are admitted to a hospital, you will be placed under the care of the covering doctor or hospitalist. I will be available for telephone consult with the treating physician as needed. Copies of your hospital records will be requested upon your consent by our office. All of this is to ensure that continuity of care is maintained for your best care.

How long does a subscription last?

I offer monthly and yearly subscriptions.

What do I have to pay out of pocket?

That depends on your insurance plan. For the majority of issues, your membership will cover most costs without any additional fees. Healthcare costs not covered by membership include lab tests, imaging, specialist visits, and medications. That said, I have negotiated low prices for lab, imaging and specialist visits (in progress). Depending on your insurance plan, prescriptions may be out of pocket, but there are a number of options available to help with the cost of most medications.

This seems too good to be true. What's the catch?

There's no catch. This is the way that medical care is supposed to look when we get back to the heart of medicine: the ancient and honored relationship between the physician and the patient. Cutting out the middle man allows us to keep our costs low, and it allows greater flexibility in how you can choose to experience your health care.

Direct Primary Care in Monroe, LA

Join me for a new way of

experiencing health care. 

Transparency in Pricing