COVID-19 Telemedicine

As a member of the FLCCC Alliance, I am committed to helping as many people as possible remain healthy and safe from the ravages of COVID-19. If you need help with safe and effective medications that can help prevent and treat COVID-19, please click on the button below to arrange a telemedicine consultation. Due to the volume of requests I am receiving, I am no longer taking calls from patients who have not completed the registration process. Also, please note that there may be up to a 72 hour delay in processing your request.

Please review all of the following:

If you are seriously ill, please go to an Emergency Room for treatment. I will help you as best I can, but a telemedicine consultation is not an appropriate  substitute for evaluation and treatment by a physician.


Please complete the registration process to arrange a consultation. I will contact you as soon as I am able. If you need medication urgently, please prepare by finding a pharmacy near you that will dispense the medications you need. Small pharmacies are more likely to be willing to help.