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Copays and office visit fees do not exist at Paraclete Health Solutions. Your monthly membership fee covers all in-office visits, procedures, and consultations. It also includes any phone consultations, video conferencing, secure messaging, and other virtual medicine consultations you may need during the month. Currently, my capabilities include minor in-house procedures, including wound care, steroid and other injections (will need to be pre-arranged to obtain the medication to be injected), dry needling (including TENS stimulation if indicated), physical examination, prescriptions, and some in-house point-of-care testing (blood sugar, blood pressure, etc). This is a growing practice, so the list of things I am able to do will grow over time.

When I cannot provide the service or procedure you need, I will do my best to negotiate a fair price with the clinic of your choice as your doctor and friend. If you do need an out-of-office procedure, you will know always know its cost beforehand so you can decide what is best for you.

Monthly Membership Fee


First 100 Patients

I offer monthly and annual subscriptions to include all of the basic services I am able to provide you in my office. If you want to try it out before making a long-term commitment, you can have access to my services for a month, for less than many people pay for a single copay for their doctor's visits.

As an introductory rate, I am offering a year of service at $100 per month to the first 100 patients.

Annual Membership Fee


per year (10% discount)

With your annual fee, you will have the confidence that you will always have a doctor available to address your concerns when you need me. It's almost like having a doctor in the family.

As an introductory rate, I am offering a reduced fee schedule of $1080 for the first year for the first 100 patients.

Family Plan


per month (2 adults and children up to age 18)

At Paraclete Health Solutions, I believe that good medical care involves the whole family. For families with children, I offer a Family Plan of $250 per month, which includes 2 adults and any children. Vaccinations are not kept on-site, so if this is a requirement, I will work with you to make arrangements.

Non- Member Consultation


Per Visit

If you're not a member of my service and you just want to have a single in-office visit with me, I am happy to accommodate you. This is a great option if you like your doctor but need a service, like dry needling, not available at your doctor's office, that I provide. Same-day appointments are usually available, and I can see the vast majority of patients within 24 hours. If you like the care you receive and want to continue on as a patient of mine, I will roll your consultation fee into your first month's subscription.

Functional Medicine Analysis


One Time Fee

I offer a 90 minute in-person Functional Medicine Analysis session. You will come out of your appointment with a detailed whole-life medical timeline and a functional matrix summarizing the health effects you are experiencing from the factors in your timeline. We will work together using this information to create a customized wellness plan to take your journey toward your optimum state of health to the next level.

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